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UPDATE A quick lookback & 2019 !

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Hello Everyone,

As many of you have guessed and seen, 2018 has not been the best year that Centrix has seen. This was mainly due to a lower number of resets and game modes, as well as declining player numbers within the server. After seeing your feedback, criticisms, and suggestions here on the forums as well as on our Discord server, we have made new changes to the server that we think will help to put us back on track in 2019 and bring us back to where we once were.


As you have probably seen in the past few weeks, we have released new resets for the Survival server on December 14th and the Skywars server more recently on December 30th. Please continue to leave feedback on these resets here on the forums and on our Discord server. We also have other server resets planned for 2019. These include game modes such as Skyblock, Factions, Prison, and many more. We hope to get these resets out to the community as soon as we can while still giving out a quality game mode and...

TOPVOTERS TopVoters of September

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Hello everyone

Connection Issues
This is just a short update on why we had so many issues with people not able to connect to the server.
As far as we know, this issue should be resolved and everyone should be able to connect just fine again.
The issue was caused by us updating our BungeeCord to 1.13 support, we'll try to find out what is causing these issues for when we have to update in the future.

We want to send out a big thank you who voted the past month, this really supports the server and helps us getting over to new players.

Our top 3 voters of September were:

  1. AlexanderIII ( @AlexanderIII ): 215 votes
  2. SubZer0 ( @SubZer0 ): 213 votes
  3. Voltyx ( @Voltyx123 ): 204 votes
All of you will receive a coupon shortly in a private message.

P.S. The first server / gamemode to be updated will be SkyWars, we hope you'll like...

ANNOUNCEMENT The Future of CentrixPVP

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Hello Everyone

As all of you probably know, CentrixPVP hasn't been doing that good in the past 1 to 2 years.
We lost a big part of our player base, partially due to MineCraft being less popular, but mostly because of mistakes that we made.
I want to deeply apologize for the mistakes that were made, but sadly enough we cannot undo them.

Change of ownership
I will now officially be taking over the main ownership of CentrixPVP. However, Hij310, mechoriet & jooster11 will remain part of the Owner team. Behind the scenes I already had this role, but now it's also official.

One of the mistakes we made in the past was having a lack of trust in our staff members.
We always wanted to make resets ourself, which caused for huge delays in between resets (for example this & previous prison release).

Personally I think it is impossible to know what the community wants for every server when you're resetting on your own. Which is why...

TOPVOTERS TopVoters & PracticePVP BETA Release

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Hello Everyone

This post is very late, I know, I was basically inactive for 2-3 weeks because of exams, and when I could get online I usually forgot to write this post.

This gamemode was being requested for quite a while actually, so we finally decided to add it.

Main Features:
  • Unranked Queue
  • Ranked Queue (requires at least 25 kills)
  • Duels
  • Parties
  • PVP against a bot
  • Match history (allows you to view your matches)
  • Custom Kits (you can create your own kits)
We would love suggestions and / or ideas / bug reports before we fully release this mode, so we can make it as good as we can.

We actually are posting this when the new topvoter rotation nearly is finished, this due to our store being offline - so coupons couldn't be redeemed anyways.

A big thank you to everyone who voted, our top 3 voters were:
  1. ...
RESET New Faction Info
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Hello everyone,

Due to recent events server getting grief, we do wish to apologize for having to reset factions, as we thought it would be helpful to everyone and could start a new with some new changes made along with this. We hope you understand and enjoy this reset once again.

Faction Top Rewards
1st: 200$ Buycraft voucher
2nd: 100$ Buycraft voucher
3rd: 50$ Buycraft voucher

Grace Period
There will be a 1 week grace period when reset goes live.
That includes:
-Fly will be disabled for the first day
-Raiding disabled
-Fighting is allowed
GKits and Koth will be enabled after grace period.

-Faction top winner can't be an alt factions
-You're not allowed to claim next to another faction's claim to assist them (You're allowed to claim next to their factions if you're raiding them)
Example: You use "Factions A" to claim your base and "Factions B" to claim your outside walls that's not...​
RESET Factions Season 1 Official Release
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Season 1 of factions is finally here. We have released Factions Custom Enchants. This is the biggest reset ever! Op-Factions will be released soon with even more and better things! Stay tuned!

The faction-heads/co-heads thank you for all the support that the community has given them and promise to continue to take feedback and ideas.

What's new?

  • Factions UUID: We are now using Factions UUID to bring you guys a better factions experience. New commands!
  • Custom Enchants: A totally new custom enchant plugin with new enchants.
  • Co-leaders: You can now have faction co-leaders
  • Kits: Kit are now much more balanced. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Once kits are now back! Donator kits now have a new and better look.
  • Spawner System: Rank up through 27 different spawner levels by selling heads! The spawner system is a fun and unique way to play factions while being able to use spawners that you thought...