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UPDATE Halloween!

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Hello everyone,

Last week I've made a post about the new changes about Centrix etc.
In this post I will give you more information about these changes and updates which are coming to Centrix.
But first, Halloween has arrived on Centrix!

During the Halloween time we will run a 35% off Sale in our webstore (store.centrixpvp.eu)
The lobbies have been changed aswell to the old-skool Halloween theme, look out for ghosts and thunder!
You have still all the old permissions/abilities/kits when you donate for a rank, if you want a full list with perks of your rank, go then ingame to /warp donate. If you want more information about donating, PM me then please!

(The sale will end 1Nov)

As you guys already knew is that CMS will be removed one by one from the network. We are replacing CMS with the following two plugins, Ccore and Luckyperms.
We are going to use this plugin to improve...

UPDATE Explanation and huge updates are coming!

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Hello everyone,

It was a long time ago that I made a post here on the website, this has different reasons.
A lot of players are quitting Centrix because it's dying, so simple is it.
That is the reason why I am making this post, because it's not longer possible (in my opinion) to go thru with this.

I am not going to lie for you, but it's true that we are removing almost our complete own coded system, CMS.
This has different reasons and I am not saying that everything is wrong on this big core, but it has his good and bad points. We had a lot of argumente in the Dev team about this. I took my decision last week to do something about this, because if this is going thru, then we can say bye to everything.

We are currently going back to public plugins, but a little bit with our own code. We will still keep the name CMS for our 'main system' (chat management, swear/advertising system and some more things).

Why where there no/less updates?...


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Hello everyone,

We're happy to announce that the Factions reset is finally here, this time with a big twist.
We know y'all have been waiting too long for this but we promise this time it'll be better!

New things:
- Improved CE's
- New builds
- Better koth (will be online some days after the reset)
- ALOT more PVP
- And more which you can find out on the server itself :O

Big thanks to @bouwer1000, @didjee2, @Hij310, @mechoriet and @Jooster11.

The release will find place at 7:00pm (UTC +1).
Any questions? Be sure to ask us in our Official Public Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/nycQn5Z)

ANNOUNCEMENT Fixed! 1.12.1 Connection Issues

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The issues have been resolved.

Hello Everyone,

We are aware of connection issues on 1.12.1.

Just use 1.8 till 1.12 until we solve the issues.

And we are trying to resolve these issues asap.

Kind regards,
CentrixPVP Developers