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Creative Build Event!

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★·.·´¯`·.·★ Creative Event ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Hello Centrix players, I'm happy to announce a new event in Creative!
With December rolling in and the cold as well, why not have a contest?

Here are the details below!

Theme: Winter
Due Date: Jan 10, 2018
Plot Size: 1

2 Weeks unlimited W/E
5 Plots
1 Week unlimited W/E
4 Plots
1 Week Unlimited W/E
3 Plots

Submissions will be entered below with the following format:
Ign(s) [ Ingame name(s) ]
Plot home [ /p h (name) ]

Players can only be in 1 submission, so you may work up to teams of 2.
If seen in more than 1 submission, you will be disqualified from the event and the submission will be removed.

The Judges will be revealed the following day after the due date.


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Hello everyone,

We are running since last friday a sale of 70% OFF on all rank/rank upgrades.
Paypal is currently not available due some issues, but we are working hard on it to bring it back asap!

The sale will end wednesday!

Shop now at: store.centrixpvp.eu


UPDATE Security Update

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Hello everyone

We've had issues with passwords since the beginning. A lot of people accidentally give away their password, forget it or are getting 'hacked'.

Anyways, you could always make tickets for that. The problem was: many could not provide any valid proof, meaning we were unable to identify if that person was the valid owner.

With this, we have decided to enable an Email Recovery System. Meaning you can simply setup your email in our lobbies (using /email [your email]).
When you then forgot your password, you can simply type /email recover [your email].

Our system will then send you a mail with further instructions.
CentrixCore will also ask you, when you join our lobbies, to setup an email address, untill it found a valid email.

With this, we will instantly deny future password requests without any proof provided, starting from the first of January 2018.

We also cleared existing accounts who did not join anymore since June 2016, meaning that...


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Hello everyone,

We are currently updating our servers and network which will lead into a maintenance for a little time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The maintenance is completed at 1:30 UTC + 1

Kind Regards,
Centrix-Network Dev Team

UPDATE Reset - SkyBlock and Creative

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Hello everyone!

Finally we can say that SkyBlock and Creative have been reset!
There was a delay of 6-7 days because some of our heads (+ including me) had a full week with other things such as school, work etc. But yeah, it's finally online now.


SkyBlock has been reset today (27Oct 2017). The server is running the latest minecraft version (1.12.2).
We are still bidding support for other client versions (1.8/1.12x).

Update list
- SkyBlock plugin
*Teamsize is now 8
*Added invitewait of 60sec
*You are now allowed to reset your Island 3 times
*Vilcentrixlagerlimit is now 10
*Hopperlimit is now 50
*Now disabling offline Redstone
- Added Coinflip (/cf)
- Added new AntiCheat plugin
- New buildings and warps
- Removed CMS and replaced it with Ccore
- Nerfed Shop and kits (economy)
- Changed Crate rewards...

UPDATE Halloween!

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Hello everyone,

Last week I've made a post about the new changes about Centrix etc.
In this post I will give you more information about these changes and updates which are coming to Centrix.
But first, Halloween has arrived on Centrix!

During the Halloween time we will run a 35% off Sale in our webstore (store.centrixpvp.eu)
The lobbies have been changed aswell to the old-skool Halloween theme, look out for ghosts and thunder!
You have still all the old permissions/abilities/kits when you donate for a rank, if you want a full list with perks of your rank, go then ingame to /warp donate. If you want more information about donating, PM me then please!

(The sale will end 1Nov)

As you guys already knew is that CMS will be removed one by one from the network. We are replacing CMS with the following two plugins, Ccore and Luckyperms.
We are going to use this plugin to improve...