A CentrixPvP Experience

CentrixPvP is a long existing Server for one focus.
Building a pvp typed community for everyone to
have a unique play experience across our network

  • Trophy

Incredible Community

Play with your friends, or make friends with other people in our community.

Custom Anticheat / performance

We have a custom made Anticheat and performance system to make sure you can play our server on the latest versions.

Regular Events

We have regular events across the network for one purpose Having fun experience!

More of CentrixPvP Awesomeness

A small taste of our plans

  • Upcoming Resets

    We are currently working on Kitpvp, Prison, Factions

  • A improved Factions coming

    We have been getting some awesome support and help from the community to build up a skyrocket Factions season we cant wait

  • Awesome Discord communication with the server

    You will be able to interact with your friends that are on our network thru discord and you can chat with your friends on the server while your on the phone. So join our Discord and talk with the community and staff.

  • Payouts

    Get rewards!
    We will be back with payouts on season ends so you can earn a little bit of money who doesnt want that?

What are you waiting for?

Join our server today!