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    At the moment, /is brings up a menu. My suggestion: /is : teleports you to your is spawn (/is home) /is cp : (this already brings up the menu) I just thinks this is much easier
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    @that rookie staff that wants to close this post : I'd rather keep this open. So people can comment what they think of this update, maybe centrix listens to suggestions.
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    Okay so i was kind hyped to play survival again. But old habits die hard and centrix ruined it. - Lag made it unplayable. - No /fly (that's a big middlefinger in the face of your donators, in my opinion) - We didn't get to keep claimblocks like promised. It's insanely annoying to make a cool...
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    Survival Reset!

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    Just came to centrix recently to see it's really dying... (ideas on how to bring it back)

    If it actually resets, i might play again. Let's be cactuslords. PoggersPoggersPoggersPoggersPoggers
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    ANNOUNCEMENT The Future of CentrixPVP

    Maybe make centrix a fortnite server or something idk
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    The staff team should read this for better anticheat !

    I've edited my previous post. Read it and then delete this reply. ^^^^
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    The staff team should read this for better anticheat !

    1. No you don't lmao. How tf do you know if the files someone is showing are the files currently running the minecraft client? I can show you a clean copy of minecraft and keep the hacked client somewhere else. 2. What's the point of this? You can still disable hacks, delete files and close...
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    tip: keep cursing, staff will surely unban you if you keep cursing a lot!
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    Survival Reset!

    I agree with everything except these things. There is only like 3 end portals in a minecraft world. So if some douche claims the end portal and blocks it, that's it for the rest of the server. This is pointless. The point of survival is making money by making cactus farms, melon farms, etc...
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    ADD IPADS!!!!!

    why did they remove the dumb rating? :/
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    5 Tips to become staff

    I've got another 5 tips to add: 1. Release Prison 2. Release Prison 3. Release Prison 4. Release Prison 5. Release Prison
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    is it reset ??

    It's almost july and may topvoters are not announced yet. What do you expect of this server?
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    Please make Custom Coded AntiCheat

    if(hacking()) { ban(); } I made one myself. Feel free to use it.
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    youtuber apply

    You make video's of giving away vbucks, but you don't even have a skin yourself? That's really shady lmao