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  • I want to die rn my account wont let me click on any games to join and wouldn't let me login at first now its just saying a bunch of random things on my screen if anyone knows staffs could you tag them in the comments please thanks .
    i just wanted to know some commands for members like how to go to claimed plots in survival or how to remove home set cuz i try to set a new plot as home and it sends me to my old one.
    So to claim a land in survival go watch the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdp51oBo4SE (essayist way to explain it to you)
    To remove a home by doing "/delhome (homename)".
    You can create a new home or overwrite a current home by doing "/sethome ({New home name} OR {Old home name})".

    You insert the home name between the brackets (don't add the brackets in the command).

    Hope that helped you! :)
    does anyone know thibeastmo? Because he banned me for hacking and I never hacked. my screen says CentrixPVP: IPBanned, Reason: hacking, Banned by: thibeastmo.
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