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  1. soul

    Kit PvP kit miner

    removed. closed.
  2. soul

    Thats it i quit VOTING >:(

    Man, "too late to change" Reading this statement made me think that you are going to pull a trigger into your skull for a second.
  3. soul

    Ok I swear this has to stop

    If you probably stress your central nervous system a bit, you can finally realize that the more you post stuff regarding the issue of people giving you dumb ratings, the more and more they will give you dumb ratings, that's how stuff works eh ? So I would suggest moving on...
  4. soul

    Kit pvp suggestion :3

    @didjee2 Yes
  5. soul

    PvP Tournament Event

  6. soul


    Man you need to calm down and chill, every post you make is in whole caps and offending everyone. Consider this a warning
  7. soul


    and who is going to cover our host expenses ? Your bank ? Your capslock ?
  8. soul

    PvP Tournament Event

    Hello Everyone! SkyAcer009 Here! This post is just to inform you about a upcoming PvP Tournament Event at KitPvP which will be hosted by me! Details about the Event: 30 March 2018 (This Friday) 4:30PM, UTC+2 (16:30 GMT / Zulu) For people in Netherlands: 3:30 PM For people in United Kingdom...
  9. soul

    Anything about iSoftware_

    Well we aren't living with him, we don't know where is he.
  10. soul

    Kit PvP kit miner

    I will smash open your cranium with that pickaxe.
  11. soul

    Anything about iSoftware_

    "Eyy iSoftWare_, meet me at downtown street beside Tom's hardware, we are robbing the place"
  12. soul

    I am so confuse

    Let's be a bit psychological here. You stated that the person with the highest kills is DutchMelss. You had a fight with him and lost because your armor got broken. But both armors were freshly new when you both started fighting. Alright... How the heck can you be sure if he was lying to you or...