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    The voting thing is never working for me. every time i vote, it never gives all my tokens. This started hap[pening yesterday and i was #2 on the /votetop and somehow due to these voting sites fcking me over, now I'm at #7. Fix Your Game!
  3. RoboPlays

    Update the Store!!

    The ranks don't have the correct kits for kitpvp (probably others too but i do not recognize it as i don't play the other games) and needs to be updated. Says phantom gets a full chain set when they get a full chain PROT 4 SET
  4. RoboPlays

    /report <player> <reason>

    Make it so that the staffs globally can see /reports from lets say kitpvp (where lots of hackers are) instead of just the one game mode that the player used /report on