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    Youtube Rank

    Ask him i cant speak his lang
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    Youtube Rank

    How do we know this real?
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    Hello everyone! Over the past few months, the skyblock heads have been hard at work for the skyblock reset! We’re proud to announce that skyblock is ready for some action after being in the shadows! Enjoy! There have been many smaller changes for better gameplay. If you find any bugs or...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT KitPvP Reset Release

    Hello Everyone, We are happy to announce that KitPvP has been reset and released! . So what's going to be in the new reset? - We Added a new Map built by EnderGamerTDM - We brought back Duels - Changed Kits - Added new Crate rewards - Added the Supreme crate - Added a new Trading system -...
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    If you hate this server that much why dont you find another server? And i like this server alot and still i do. So please leave your bad vibes from this forums thank you. :)
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    Are you sure?
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    We never promised these kind of things. Cause of the many chunks getting loaded We did this for a reason :)
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    HACKERS IN KITPVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all lower your voice. second of all there is no such thing of a perfect working anti-cheat it needs alot of time and effort in it. And We people the staff team has lives so yea.... we cant be on everytime. What you can do is help us by reporting them and if noones is on you can wait...
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    CentrixPVP-Network Staff-Team!

    @bobthevillager you forget me :P
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    I hate roblox

    I hate roblox
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    UPDATE Halloween!

    We wont do that.
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    Allow Flying in Murder GameMode

    Why would you have fly? this is a little bit weird only bcs fly hackers are on murdur that means we need to. Im sorry but we wont accept this suggestion. If you see hackers you can report them. /closed Cheers, Kawithomas
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    Some suggestion for Factions

    We know about the ./back but bcs we are middle in the revmap of cms will take a while but it will be fixed. We will talk about it with bouwer to nerf it. thanks for your suggestion! We are trying our best i already did some and we will consider about it thanks for your suggestion. We had...
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    Suggestion To the server

    Hello, We have been thinking about practise and we are still discussing about it. But thx fod the suggestions we will take a look at it with the owners Cheers, Kawithomas
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    Can you delete your account on here?

    If you request it yes
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    Why I Was Demoted

    Gladdid you were a good staff member i wish you gl further and i wish you will have a good and wonderfull life. /closed
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    Why I Was Demoted

    But further all gl and hf in life
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    Why I Was Demoted

    I never said it was stupid. You got demoted bcs you were going further and further i told yiu multiple times to stop uou said ok but you ignored me like i talk chinees.
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    Here is my suggestion

    Okey thx for your suggestions. its noted and we will talk about this issue. thx :)