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  1. soul

    PvP Tournament Event

    Hello Everyone! SkyAcer009 Here! This post is just to inform you about a upcoming PvP Tournament Event at KitPvP which will be hosted by me! Details about the Event: 30 March 2018 (This Friday) 4:30PM, UTC+2 (16:30 GMT / Zulu) For people in Netherlands: 3:30 PM For people in United Kingdom...
  2. soul

    1.9 or 1.8 PVP ?

    Simple 1.8 or 1.9 ?
  3. soul

    Auction House or Old Style Auctions ?

    Hello players This will be a little voting poll for adding /ah or /auc on Kit-PvP The voting poll will close in 48 hours. Just to sum up the most expected question PLEASE READ WELL 1-When is the Kit-PvP reset ? When it's done. When I say "when it's done" that's not supposed to take your...