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  1. Hij310

    UPDATE DiscordBot + AntiCheat information

    Hello everyone, Recently we have done a few minor updates, of which one which donators will really like! Discord bot: The discord bot has been released in it's first form. People can link their ingame account to our Discord by using /dclink. You will then get a code, which you have to send to...
  2. didjee2


    Hello everyone Here I am again :), last time I said we're working hard on improving the network, and we are! This time I am proud to announce we will release BedWars, a game which we had a lot of requests for, but was actually quite far in our TODO list. Recently we have decided it was way...
  3. didjee2

    UPDATE BuildBattle Update

    Hello everyone We’ve been working extra hard lately to release new gamemodes and improve the network. BuildBattle is one of them. An Advanced AntiCheat is another aspect and even more to come. BuildBattle BuildBattle had been removed from our network months ago, and since then we’ve always...
  4. GoatGoatTheBoat

    I am hacking :C

    Hacking this game is giving yourself an unfair advantage over normal player.... Everyone has speed 10, killaura and no Slowdown I don't have any of these, giving me an unfair advantage over a normal player and I'm technically hacking :C