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  1. bobthevillager

    Detailed KitPVP Guide!

    CentrixPVP-Network Hi Everyone bobthevillager here! Today I will Explain all KitPVP Commands If a player wants to play in KitPVP, you need to do /Kits first. But before you play, Hacking is NOT allowed but Scamming Is allowed! The Kits which are available to everyone: Kit DEFAULT Kit...
  2. bobthevillager

    Prison dropparty!

    CentrixPVP-Network Hey everyone, bobthevillager here I'm Glad to Announce the NEW Prison Dropparty...
  3. kranendonk

    Prison dropparty!

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to announce a big dropparty sponsored by @bobthevillager and kranendonk. IT WILL HAPPEN AT 18:30 UTC+00 TODAY /plot home DP We will drop items such as: LEGENDARY armor + swords + tools DEMONIC armor + swords + tools HERO armor + swords + tools GLADIATOR armor + swords +...