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  1. K

    It says i have 8 account even tho i don't i need help..

    Hello! my name is Kiziem, recently i was playing bedwars with my friend and when i started bridging i got kicked saying "flying is not enabled in this server" even thou i did not fly or anything i just started bridging now i got kicked from time out then when i join it changed my skin into a...
  2. weplay

    Bug in BedWars...

    Hello everyone, well I'll be brief ... the map "Dome" has a bug that certainly gives advantages to a certain team ( Pink ), this bug makes the pink team invincible... the bug was recorded by me:
  3. I

    Forum bug

    I can't seem to see the reports and appeal tab since I wanted to appeal since I was hacking on the hacking server (kill aura, crits, auto armour, all anti's (anti-knockback anti blindness etc) I got on and with in a minute I was perm-banned for hacks if I misread the rules and perhaps some of...