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  1. Jooster11

    UPDATE Upcoming features

    Hello everyone! We are currently working hard on the new features for Centrix. I have a little list here what we are doing atm! Selector and games We are currently improving the server selector (plugin) because the old one is too outdated and bad. Here a little preview: Old combat (1.8)...
  2. B

    Op Prison?

    Now prison on centrix pvp is not that bad i can not lie but really i think we could do with a better prison with op pickaxes and more. Anyone Agree?
  3. Jooster11

    [Kit-PVP] Update/Reset information!

    Hello everyone! We are resetting Kit-PVP soon. The reason why I am making this post is to ask you guys suggestions for the kits and plugins you would like to see on the new Kit-PVP server. New things what will be added - KDR/Top kills scoreboard (under development) - Smaller but better PVP...