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  1. Redor

    About creative commands

    While being on creative i have noticed some players like me asking " how can i change my plot to night " . Wouldn't it be better to allow us to change the time and weather of our plots ?
  2. TrevDog

    Donation Perks

    Donation Perks should be upgraded, Here's how. Skyblock: Upgrade all Donator kit's, *Maybe add a special /warp dshop? (Donator Shop).* Kitpvp: *Fix/Finish/Upgrade Vanguard/Phantom Kits*, Commands are fine. Factions: All Kits & Commands Are Good. Prison: Kit's & Commands Are Good. *Consider...
  3. intricatesymbol

    A simple question

    Questions: When will creative reopen? Is there going to be a reset for creative?
  4. GameHuntress

    Detailed Creative Guide!

    Creative Head: GameHuntress Creative Co-Head: WolfyPlays21 Introduction Creative is a game mode where players are able to access all blocks from versions 1.8 - 1.11 and build to their hearts desires. We encourage you to build and show your progress or finished builds in the Creative Thread. If...
  5. GameHuntress

    Creative Update

    Hello Centrix players! I have recently been looking and seeing what I can add to Creative mode and I wish to hear your opinions and what you want to see in the future! All ideas are accepted and will be reviewed once seen. So far these are the few things I have had in mind: -New warp list to...