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  1. CaravanMC


    Today i come up with an idea of the punishment by anticheat. As all you know the AntiCheat in Centrix that just released have false banned many player . Many player complain about this so I think the you should reduce the punishment of permanent ban into temp ban (24h maybe) except they're...
  2. MCPvp2

    Add paypal back

    Mhm theres no point of running % off if you cannot buy stuff with gift cards or credit cards So i probably suggest you guys too add paypal back I don't know why it was even removed in this first placed
  3. X

    Adding Bedwars

    Hey Centrix, for i long time i have been thinking we should add bedwars to this server as well as eggwars. As sometimes the eggwars lobby is full and things and adding bedwars will increase the amount of minigames we have. It can also increase the members we get as Bedwars is a very popular...
  4. R

    How Old Do You Have To Bet To Apply For Jr.Helper?

    The title kinda explains itself