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  1. K

    When are the servers gonna go online?

    I'm just going to ask if when are servers going online getting a bit worried that maybe i got kicked or something XD..Plz help guys
  2. didjee2

    UPDATE BuildBattle Update

    Hello everyone We’ve been working extra hard lately to release new gamemodes and improve the network. BuildBattle is one of them. An Advanced AntiCheat is another aspect and even more to come. BuildBattle BuildBattle had been removed from our network months ago, and since then we’ve always...
  3. didjee2

    ANNOUNCEMENT Factions Reset

    Hello everyone, We're happy to announce that the Factions reset is finally here, this time with a big twist. We know y'all have been waiting too long for this but we promise this time it'll be better! New things: - Improved CE's - New builds - Better koth (will be online some days after the...
  4. TrevDog

    Donation Perks

    Donation Perks should be upgraded, Here's how. Skyblock: Upgrade all Donator kit's, *Maybe add a special /warp dshop? (Donator Shop).* Kitpvp: *Fix/Finish/Upgrade Vanguard/Phantom Kits*, Commands are fine. Factions: All Kits & Commands Are Good. Prison: Kit's & Commands Are Good. *Consider...
  5. D

    Add InstaWall on Factions

    Please Add InstaWall on Factions its really hard build walls and add stackble water buckets
  6. D

    Add InstaWall on Factions

    Please add InstaWall's like cobble gen wall bucket its really hard to build walls on Factions
  7. G

    Factions Suggestion

    A new type of koth, that will increase the amount of pvp on the server, it'd be a 24/7 koth that is quite different then the koth that we have currently. Control state is what is going on at the koth at the time either Controlled/Contested/Capturing/Neutralising. (Some popular factions servers...