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    this guy is hacking his name is JestemAFKxd1234

    look CentrixPvP i know i didn"t love your server you muted me but look this guy is hacking on the skywars he was flying killaura fast building and all i didn"t know what to do and i said lets report this loser so thats why i did this to him to this noob who is trying to win a game its just a...
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    Hacker, scaffold

    I have found a hacker, it was so irritating he got scaffold but i cant upload it because it said it is too large. if there is anything i can do to post a video pls tell me.
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    Calling Staff

    Any staff can remove the chest shop in SB cuz my friend forgot his account password and we kick him to the island and he make new account that we invite him again in the island? I want to remove the chest shop ASAP cuz my friend need that
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    Here is my suggestion

    The server has its problems, somewhat laggy and stuff, but that dates back to like 2015 right, but now, in Skywars, it seems that in every game you play, there will be atleast one hacker. Played 5 games today, 4 of them was about me getting killed by a hacker, like hitting me through blocks and...