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  1. A

    Calling Staff

    Any staff can remove the chest shop in SB cuz my friend forgot his account password and we kick him to the island and he make new account that we invite him again in the island? I want to remove the chest shop ASAP cuz my friend need that
  2. R

    About Buildbattle

    Just a quick note/question. I really want to know when do we get to see the Buildbattle minigame? If we ever gonna have it. It has been a very long time waiting, alteast for me.
  3. PixUk#ORG

    where is eggwars

    A Quick question... :) .... MY QUESTION WHERE THEH HECK IS ZE EGGWARS or "Murder" or Stuff like Skywars?! MY STORY i was gonna write a report on a person but i couldent find the eggwars section... NOTE: if you can see the eggwars section ...well i use a advanced web type and it removes some...