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  1. R

    Kit PvP kit miner

    Why is kit miner at Kit PvP? Are there ores we cen mine at warzone and then sell at shop? NO So i have an sugestion. I was thinking that we need diomonds and money and xp alot there. so what cen we do? We have kit miner! We could do a mine scheft at midle of an warzone or at all warzone like...
  2. X

    Hacker is Noob

    Hmm now very much hacker in server centrixpvp. so can the staff add plugin security hackers?? and in the eggwars, on the skywars, on the bedwars it's more hackers please staff help your members to destroy hackers in centrix servers #-=JustAsking=-# Thanks for read!! happy new years
  3. SpinosaurusLV2

    Promote MinerMaster!

    Come on. We all want it! He's been helping CentrixPVP for 2 years now. Always being active and a hard-worker to the community. Some of us have been curiously waiting for @MinerMaster to be promoted to ADMIN for months now, and we always were disappointed when we saw the moderator tag. Who is the...