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  1. sstar19995

    Kit pvp suggestion :3

    I think when you redeem vote points you should also be given a god apple for every vote Have a nice day and... ~ Centrix pvp is the best minecraft server!!
  2. Jooster11

    UPDATE Upcoming features

    Hello everyone! We are currently working hard on the new features for Centrix. I have a little list here what we are doing atm! Selector and games We are currently improving the server selector (plugin) because the old one is too outdated and bad. Here a little preview: Old combat (1.8)...
  3. R

    Kit PvP kit miner

    Why is kit miner at Kit PvP? Are there ores we cen mine at warzone and then sell at shop? NO So i have an sugestion. I was thinking that we need diomonds and money and xp alot there. so what cen we do? We have kit miner! We could do a mine scheft at midle of an warzone or at all warzone like...
  4. SlashBoyTV

    Bring Back Old KitPvP

    KitPvP Is Dead The new KitPvP reset is very OP for the donators and still full of hackers. Most of the people are very upset with this update and donators are all very OP. This is by far one of the worst updates I've ever seen. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I hope the Old KitPvP would come back...
  5. Jooster11

    UPDATE NEW! Monthly topvoters

    Hello everyone! We are launching this new month a special thing, called monthly topvoters! The top 3 topvoters will be rewarded with something special as a thank you. Also we have optimized our vote system which will be active from this week. We are broadcasing now every single vote (like we...
  6. Jooster11

    [Kit-PVP] Update/Reset information!

    Hello everyone! We are resetting Kit-PVP soon. The reason why I am making this post is to ask you guys suggestions for the kits and plugins you would like to see on the new Kit-PVP server. New things what will be added - KDR/Top kills scoreboard (under development) - Smaller but better PVP...
  7. didjee2

    UPDATE BuildBattle Update

    Hello everyone We’ve been working extra hard lately to release new gamemodes and improve the network. BuildBattle is one of them. An Advanced AntiCheat is another aspect and even more to come. BuildBattle BuildBattle had been removed from our network months ago, and since then we’ve always...
  8. Y

    ban appeal

    In game name : yucheng Date banned : 7 Dec 2017 Reason banned : “Advertising" Why I should be unbanned : its my first time offence Brief explanation : i didnt know whats advertising mean,i actually thought that advertising is posting other server's ip addresss instead of a link on website.I just...
  9. bobthevillager

    Detailed KitPVP Guide!

    CentrixPVP-Network Hi Everyone bobthevillager here! Today I will Explain all KitPVP Commands If a player wants to play in KitPVP, you need to do /Kits first. But before you play, Hacking is NOT allowed but Scamming Is allowed! The Kits which are available to everyone: Kit DEFAULT Kit...
  10. TrevDog

    Donation Perks

    Donation Perks should be upgraded, Here's how. Skyblock: Upgrade all Donator kit's, *Maybe add a special /warp dshop? (Donator Shop).* Kitpvp: *Fix/Finish/Upgrade Vanguard/Phantom Kits*, Commands are fine. Factions: All Kits & Commands Are Good. Prison: Kit's & Commands Are Good. *Consider...