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  1. Hij310

    UPDATE DiscordBot + AntiCheat information

    Hello everyone, Recently we have done a few minor updates, of which one which donators will really like! Discord bot: The discord bot has been released in it's first form. People can link their ingame account to our Discord by using /dclink. You will then get a code, which you have to send to...
  2. Zerathon

    [VIDEO] When CentrixPVP is bored

    Hi, Centrix Community! I just uploaded a video that I recorded last night. Features loads of advertising for CentrixPVP. It's two minutes long and features loads of memes. Check it out! Featuring: @kranendonk @rAfTaAr @SopNex and some other people (sorry if I didn't include you in this list)...
  3. Zerathon

    Gladdid's Amazing Medieval Build || Video

    Hi, Centrix Community! Here's a video I just made showcasing Gladdid's AMAZING Medieval Build with some nice panoramas. I'm advertising Centrix in the description! Please leave me some tips here.