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  1. ludozz

    Prison Information 2.0

    Hello and welcome to the new prison guide where we'll explain how to play and how everything works! How to start You have to mine blocks in the mines and sell them for money. With the money can you deal stuff with other people, but the risk is that people can scam you and they give nothing. If...
  2. Jooster11

    UPDATE New feature > BedWars FULL release!

    Hello everyone! We are very excited to finally launch the complete custom coded BedWars gamemode on Centrix! We thanks @didjee2 a lot for this awesome new feature! What are the new BedWars features? - Added statistics - New shop layout - Abilities - Team and global chat - Lots of bug fixes -...
  3. Jooster11

    UPDATE Upcoming features

    Hello everyone! We are currently working hard on the new features for Centrix. I have a little list here what we are doing atm! Selector and games We are currently improving the server selector (plugin) because the old one is too outdated and bad. Here a little preview: Old combat (1.8)...
  4. B

    Op Prison?

    Now prison on centrix pvp is not that bad i can not lie but really i think we could do with a better prison with op pickaxes and more. Anyone Agree?
  5. Jooster11

    UPDATE NEW! Monthly topvoters

    Hello everyone! We are launching this new month a special thing, called monthly topvoters! The top 3 topvoters will be rewarded with something special as a thank you. Also we have optimized our vote system which will be active from this week. We are broadcasing now every single vote (like we...
  6. didjee2

    UPDATE BuildBattle Update

    Hello everyone We’ve been working extra hard lately to release new gamemodes and improve the network. BuildBattle is one of them. An Advanced AntiCheat is another aspect and even more to come. BuildBattle BuildBattle had been removed from our network months ago, and since then we’ve always...
  7. X


    Sorry if this counts as spam but i need 3B on prison thanks:)
  8. X


    when is prison going to be back online??
  9. bobthevillager

    Prison dropparty!

    CentrixPVP-Network Hey everyone, bobthevillager here I'm Glad to Announce the NEW Prison Dropparty...
  10. TrevDog

    Donation Perks

    Donation Perks should be upgraded, Here's how. Skyblock: Upgrade all Donator kit's, *Maybe add a special /warp dshop? (Donator Shop).* Kitpvp: *Fix/Finish/Upgrade Vanguard/Phantom Kits*, Commands are fine. Factions: All Kits & Commands Are Good. Prison: Kit's & Commands Are Good. *Consider...