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  1. Jooster11

    UPDATE New feature > BedWars FULL release!

    Hello everyone! We are very excited to finally launch the complete custom coded BedWars gamemode on Centrix! We thanks @didjee2 a lot for this awesome new feature! What are the new BedWars features? - Added statistics - New shop layout - Abilities - Team and global chat - Lots of bug fixes -...
  2. didjee2


    Hello everyone Here I am again :), last time I said we're working hard on improving the network, and we are! This time I am proud to announce we will release BedWars, a game which we had a lot of requests for, but was actually quite far in our TODO list. Recently we have decided it was way...
  3. didjee2

    ANNOUNCEMENT Factions Reset

    Hello everyone, We're happy to announce that the Factions reset is finally here, this time with a big twist. We know y'all have been waiting too long for this but we promise this time it'll be better! New things: - Improved CE's - New builds - Better koth (will be online some days after the...