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  1. Jooster11

    UPDATE Murder Mystery Revamp + other updates

    Hello everyone! First of all, I want to wish you all the best for 2018! In this year we will hopefully come back like the old Centrix (that's were we working on of course!) Murder Mystery The Murder Mystery is finally out, but what does it contains? - New lobby - A lot of fixed bugs - Added...
  2. didjee2

    UPDATE BuildBattle Update

    Hello everyone We’ve been working extra hard lately to release new gamemodes and improve the network. BuildBattle is one of them. An Advanced AntiCheat is another aspect and even more to come. BuildBattle BuildBattle had been removed from our network months ago, and since then we’ve always...
  3. Jooster11

    UPDATE Halloween!

    Hello everyone, Last week I've made a post about the new changes about Centrix etc. In this post I will give you more information about these changes and updates which are coming to Centrix. But first, Halloween has arrived on Centrix! Halloween During the Halloween time we will run a 35% off...