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  1. A

    Suggestion on skyblock

    Make /kit xp for people and for enchanting. Make /warp food for people to kill mobs and get food. Increase amount of item in shop like nether warts 3200$ cactus 250$ pumpkin 250$ melon 250$
  2. I

    Spawn Eggs disappearing after you log out

    I've tried constructing a chicken farm on SkyBlock But everytime i was constructing and placing chickens to test it they kept on disappearing. Could staff possibly patch this weird glitch and fix the spawner eggs? - ilanwer3
  3. BleenPaper

    Do Slime Mob Spawners work (in Skyblock)?

    I bought a slime spawner and placed it on the height 39 and changed the biomes. But it doesn't spawn slimes when I am next to it? Am I doing something wrong ?! I am very confused, please help me :-/
  4. J


    Staff Members for Skyblock, Please have keepinventory on since many players would kill us in /warp pvp and all the stuff would go away, please keep keepinventory on!!! Thank You