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  1. hamm

    A little annoyed over duped keys from the hacker in survival.

    People are making millions over fake keys, while the rest of us actually worked hard for our money... Other people who agree with me now have left your server and moved onto other ones. So gg on losing even more survival players. Also just completely remove all spawners from survival as people...
  2. hamm

    What happened to survival?

    The server has been completely offline all day, is there a reset happening?
  3. O

    Horse Claiming Problem

    Okay, so i bought a horse from a dude, and i can ride it and put armour on it and stuff, but other people can too! And it is the same deal with horses i found in the wild. Other people can ride and hurt them. Is there a solution to this problem? Should i buy some nametags and name them? Ooor...
  4. D

    Mob stacking

    I know you guys added mob stacking to reduce lag ... But come on you made xp farm better but other farms such a pain like cow farms don't work anymore and im not the only one who hates this ... So please remove this
  5. O

    Any updates on the resetting of survival?

    Any updates on the resetting of survival? Will it happen before 2018? And if so, do you guys have any idea of when? Anyways, keep up the good work!
  6. K

    [Survival] Drop party!

    Hello, Centrix community! To celebrate that @GrindingSavage and I are now heads of Survival we have decided to make a drop party event, this event will take place tomorrow Sunday 5/11/2017 13:00 GTM +1 (Amsterdam time) In this drop party we'll include: x8 Iron Golem Spawners x10 Blaze Spawners...
  7. Bhorice2099

    [Update] New Machine in Casino

    I've added a Wheel of Fortune-esque machine in my new casino. It's a minecart on powered rail and upon pressing of a button the power is cut off after a interval. There are two time intervals which are randomly chosen. So there is no way to predict where the minecart will stop.
  8. TrevDog

    Donation Perks

    Donation Perks should be upgraded, Here's how. Skyblock: Upgrade all Donator kit's, *Maybe add a special /warp dshop? (Donator Shop).* Kitpvp: *Fix/Finish/Upgrade Vanguard/Phantom Kits*, Commands are fine. Factions: All Kits & Commands Are Good. Prison: Kit's & Commands Are Good. *Consider...