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  1. didjee2

    TOPVOTERS TopVoters & PracticePVP BETA Release

    Hello Everyone This post is very late, I know, I was basically inactive for 2-3 weeks because of exams, and when I could get online I usually forgot to write this post. PracticePVP This gamemode was being requested for quite a while actually, so we finally decided to add it. Main Features...
  2. didjee2

    TOPVOTERS April Top Voters + New Store Design

    Hello Everyone First of all, I want to thank you all for voting so much this month, we have had over 3114 people voting more then 34 thousand times! Top Voters Ofcourse some people have voted more then other people. Congratulations on @ChristopherCM (201 votes), @XboxAddictz (184 votes) &...
  3. Jooster11

    UPDATE Montly update post - March!

    Hello everyone, Here the update post for today, gg with reading! Kit-PVP - Updated stats scoreboard - Added a new scoreboard which is changing from topkills to regular stats - New map - New kits - Optimized crates, envoys, voteparties and vote-rewards More suggestions? Leave them under this...
  4. Jooster11

    UPDATE NEW! Monthly topvoters

    Hello everyone! We are launching this new month a special thing, called monthly topvoters! The top 3 topvoters will be rewarded with something special as a thank you. Also we have optimized our vote system which will be active from this week. We are broadcasing now every single vote (like we...