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  1. K

    Youtube Rank

    your name: Aydın Efe Game Nick: KuyruksuzYT How Old Are You: Channel name: Kuyruksuz
  2. JimisPlayZ

    Youtube Rank

    I finnaly have 1K subs yaya
  3. F

    Youtube Application.

    Hi! Im a Dutch youtuber with 300 subs in 3/4 months , Thats quick in Dutch ithink , But thats not what im here for... I want the YT rank uknow and i also wanna help u. I will put ur link in EVERY stream / vid. So let me know what u guys think of it. And ohyeah my channel is : JustBryan NL (...
  4. P

    Youtuber application

    Hi, I am here to apply for the YT/Youtuber rank I have over 1K subs and i also like your server, and giving me the youtuber rank can get you more players. What i mean by more players is that giving me it will make me play it more and my fans will come to the server to play with me and we are...