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  1. K

    Youtube Rank

    your name: Aydın Efe Game Nick: KuyruksuzYT How Old Are You: Channel name: Kuyruksuz
  2. SlashBoyTV

    YouTuber Application

    Hello Centrix Staff, I have been a member of CentrixPvP since one year. I would like to apply for YouTube rank. Lately, I have switched my interest on Minecraft and have uploaded two videos. My videos on Eggwars went went very popular among my Minecraft videos. I meet all the requirements to...
  3. R


    CHECK OUT THE FIRST AND ONLY REVIEW VIDEO OUT THERE!!!! #CentrixPVPPromotion -------------------------------- -------------------------------- By: BingXhz
  4. Zerathon

    Gladdid's Amazing Medieval Build || Video

    Hi, Centrix Community! Here's a video I just made showcasing Gladdid's AMAZING Medieval Build with some nice panoramas. I'm advertising Centrix in the description! Please leave me some tips here.