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Aug 18, 2018
1st Battle royale
Well known Updated version of hunger games..

a shrinking 2 zones.. 1 blue 1 white once the blue zone will be the radioactive zone wherein once you got passed to it our outside to it.. you're health starting to lower.. the white zone predicts the next smaller size of blue zone

you've need to loot range and melee weapons and fight until the last breath you've got..
when you are the only player left the winning declaration begin and the one man standing is the true winner also know chicken dinner.

use elytra as parachute
use 10x10 plain surface that will served as a plane and must be moved with command blocks
maps size must be 2x2 - 4x4 km or 2000x2000 - 4000x4000 blocks
3 islands multiple bridges are better..
working railway systems
1 minute free time a battle royale spawn
if this information lacks you might watch some gameplay on youtube.. by typing PUBG Gameplay or how to play

2nd zombie apocalypse
a massive zombie break out on 500x500 blocks map
you have to lot weapons in order to survive
10 players minimum (lesser player the lesser the centrixlag)
30 players maximum
50% of users in round must be zombie and another 50% is survivors
zombies must have highly at defense and offense while survivor still depends on the loot he got
map must be catastrophic and full of parkour and bases

3rd Builder Base
zombies vs players
players must build they're base in order to survive and kill
bases must be entry-able because after 3 minutes of building they will restart and unable to brake or place objects.. they will restart at the outside they're base and theres 1 minute in order to go to their respective bases
after 4 minutes of total wait.. of the zombies they'll be free and go to player's bases to kill the players..
players must have bow and melee weapon they must be low on defense but high at offense (attack)
zombies must be high at def and high at offense (attack) they'll wear armours and have powerful swords