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Aug 3, 2017

Hello again! I was really curious about the youtuber rank after I read how it goes and what the requirements are...
First off, I'm not offending anyone in this post, I'm just stating my opinion, but if you still hate me, I can't do anything about it, but please, do not make any rants in the comments, this is just my OPINION. The requirements for 1000+ subscribers is okay, I can see why 1000+ is the requirements for subscribers, instead of 2500. But I paused my reading, and I saw that you can't apply if you got banned before in the network. I find it kind of unfair, but not really, I mean everyone makes mistakes, but there are people who didn't know that that much of a punishment would happen to them. Lets go to a funny flashback, I was once in my friend's plot. We were building, when I showed him something funny cuz he was sad, he laughed, but what could have been it? It's a three block tall sand d*ck, guess what happened next? I got banned for three months. Yes, T H R E E M O N T H S. Shocking right? I'm not saying that it's such a wrong thing but I find it unfair, I could have accepted a month. I didn't expect that a three block tall sand thing would get me a ban for 3 months. But don't mind it, I won't tell any further of that as I don't wanna staffs firing back at me. About the 300 views per video, I think it shall be 200 but alright then, its alright (for me). Active channel? Yes mine is active. Must have the ip, and two videos uploaded that was on CentrixPvP? Done before, atleast 60% of my videos are in Centrix. Especially some machinimas. It was filmed on Creative Plots. A little bit professionalism, I'd go 60 for Good and 50 for bad, I have learnt to get better everytime so I think I pass that one.

Everything else "probably" passes except the past ban.
Disclaimer: I don't intend to offend anyone, I'm just stating my opinion.
Smell you later.