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Jun 12, 2020
I got banned because i stole from some players in their island, which i didnt know was banable i thought i had hit the jackpot but unfortunately it is against the rules so brian told me it was banable and gave me a chance to give the stuff back and wont punish me after i gave it back, so i did i gave 1 of my victims the stuff after that i told my other victim to meet me at spawn which he did but he went AFK and envoy was starting so i thought i am not waiting so i went to warp pvp to get the crates and i saw Brian the JrAdmin so i killed him and he had pretty good stuff to be honest like: Spawner crate key, legendary armor, legendary sword, when i killed him he told me you better gave the stuff back from the players i stole so i said i did but itsattwood went afk and didnt show up so i went to open envoy and then brian took all my stuff from my inventory dont know what he did with it and banned me. This is my part of the story.
PS: Why did they IPBAN me my brother has the same IP as me so if you wanna BAN me just BAN me dont IPBAN me my brother got nothing to do with it

IGN: salaheddine
Not open for further replies.