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Jul 16, 2017
Hello everyone

Here I am again :), last time I said we're working hard on improving the network, and we are!
This time I am proud to announce we will release BedWars, a game which we had a lot of requests for, but was actually quite far in our TODO list.

Recently we have decided it was way more important then we guessed. As we first though it was way too similar to EggWars.

Anyways, here we go, in the first version, it will be quite similar as on other servers. In the future, we're planning onto making new features.


First of all, what is BedWars?
BedWars is a game with 4 modes (solo, double, 3v3v3v3 & 4v4v4v4) in which you have to defend your bed.
It's quite similar to EggWars, but less overpowered & more features in general.
You have an upgrade shop, in which you can buy cool upgrades for your entire team, to both attack the enemy & defend your island.

You have 4 types of generators (iron, gold, diamond & emerald), of which iron & gold spawn on your own island, diamonds will spawn on separate islands & emeralds will spawn in the middle.


First of all, a big thank you to the builders for finish maps that quick. We requested them rather late & to be built in a short amount of time. Sorry for that!

We will start with 4 maps:

  • Aergon (3v3v3v3 & 4v4v4v4)
  • Amazon (3v3v3v3 & 4v4v4v4)
  • Dome (solo & double)
  • Circus (solo & double)
We have also updated the QuickJoin by adding a new way to join arenas, the Arena Selector, this is very useful for bigger parties, you can now all join the same arena easily using this selector, without having the game full before everyone joined.

We have added a head menu to BuildBattle. People can now select useful heads to build with, for example a small cactus skull or arrow skulls to navigate!

Here it is, the long awaited AntiCheat, finally we are starting to add a self-learning AntiCheat. BedWars will be the first PVP gamemode to contain the AntiCheat. The rule 'nothing is perfect' also counts for our AntiCheat. Please report any issues you have with the AntiCheat. If you get banned without really hacking, make a ban appeal on the forums.

Both 'Hardware' and 'Software' hacks are disallowed! A hardware hack is for example double click, examples of software hacks are hacked clients and/or macros. Jitter click should not be bannable, but staff WILL get reported by the AntiCheat because of a suspicious clicking activity.
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Jul 17, 2017
By the way can you add the bedwars map Rooftop please I thoroughly enjoy the map and I'm sure other people will to.
Centrix doesn't copy maps like Pika does, we build our own maps. ;)
But we could do a remake from Rooftop.


Jul 16, 2017
The globe
Centrix doesn't copy maps like Pika does, we build our own maps. ;)
But we could do a remake from Rooftop.
no one mentioned pika here :p
and the server is doing what it needs to do to stay alive :c
im not standing to any side here just my opinion btw :v