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Jul 15, 2017
I've recently come back to Minecraft/Centrix and I've noticed staff isn't as hard to achieve as it once was, which is understandable because of the lower player base, but what I've noticed is the dip in staff quality. Over the course of these past 2 weeks, I've noticed staff being biased towards warning/muting. A perfect example that happened today was with a player who got raided by jr-helper and he spammed in chat multiple times(7+ times) that he abused which isn't possible(since he's jrhelper) and also spammed "I hope he dies from cancer", and it took 3 online staff members over 15 minutes to mute him, and for that offense he was only punished with a 1/2 hour mute. While someone who was killed by an admin and said "kys admin" got a perm mute instantly, I think that's none sense and biased. I just hope the staff managers step up soon or do something about this.


Staff Manager • BradGamez#1374
Jan 26, 2018
As a whole the new Jr-Helpers are still learning how to do things from the handbook so they might take time to punish people. We activity are teaching them the ins and out of the server and commands they need to preform to their full potential. As for the punishment for spamming is first time warning then second time is tempmute for 2 hours so they did punish incorrectly. As for saying that about an admin it’s more of a threat towards one’s well being which is much more serious than spam. I hope this can help you with some idea of what happened in this situation but if you have any complaints about a particular staff so we can assist them and maybe inform them the correct punishment for these violations please do so. If you have further question about any of this please also feel free to reply to this and I will be happy to help you in any way I can. Thank you for you time.