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UPDATE BuildBattle Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by didjee2, Dec 23, 2017.

By didjee2 on Dec 23, 2017 at 3:59 PM
  1. didjee2

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    Jul 16, 2017
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    Hello everyone

    We’ve been working extra hard lately to release new gamemodes and improve the network.
    BuildBattle is one of them. An Advanced AntiCheat is another aspect and even more to come.

    BuildBattle had been removed from our network months ago, and since then we’ve always been saying it would come back ‘soon’. That soon became several months to nearly (or even) a year.
    Back then, it got removed because of several glitches. People could place blocks in lobbies and grief arenas, which is why we removed it back then.

    But finally, I am happy to say that today BuildBattle will be released again, in a better form then we ever had before. It will start off rather simple. We will start with one new map and one map from the previous BuildBattle. Later on we will look into having new (team) modes.

    • Two maps:
      • Centrix Map: smaller but taller plots, min. 12 & max. 16 players.
      • Gladiators Map: bigger but less tall plots, min. 4 & max. 8 players.
    • Every player has up to 10 particles
    • Everyone can vote for themes, the theme with most votes wins.
    • Everyone is able to change the plot floor.
    • Everyone is able to reset his plot, very useful if something gets messed up on your plot.
    • Donators are able to change weather on their plot.
    • Donators are able to change time on their plot.
    • QuickJoin & Map selection is available for everyone!

    The AntiCheat test server has been open for over a week, and the testing phases are starting to reach the end. During the writing of this post, 713 people have already been auto banned in the AntiCheat server alone! While the AntiCheat actually only bans the very obvious hackers in this first version of the auto banning system, we will continue to improve on it.

    We’ll roll this system out over the entire network as soon as testing is done. We will also make a system which will keep you guys up-to-date about the bans which have been executed by broadcasting it.

    Of course we will also reset a few servers in the nearby future, right now there is being worked on Factions, Prison & KitPVP to be resetted soon.
    We cannot tell which one comes first yet, we’ll see which one gets finished first ;).

    We, the Centrix Staff Team, also wish you a happy holiday!

    Kind regards
    • Dieter - didjee2
    • The CentrixPVP Staff team.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by didjee2, Dec 23, 2017.

    1. CaravanMC
      Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
    2. Kire
    3. MystoganX
      GG wow, I didn't even know anticheat server could auto ban players 0_0 Damm and It didnt fault ban me horray
    4. KawaiiFox

      didjee you need change place game in other world and you need fix chat all because all player speak in 1 chat
      setup plugin (PerWorldChat) .....
      I Can Help You For Fix All This If You Want
    5. XxSoulCreeperxX
      GG just saying on a few servers i have been on, I have been banned for jitter clicking whilst pvping. So can you try and make your anticheat spot Killaura and multiaura and clickaura and let jitter clicking.
    6. MystoganX
      Nope you are cheating, stop lying, I can jitter 14 cps and I never got banned for cheating or auto banned, no way you would get banned unless you click more than 16 cps which is rare to jitter at or you auto click.
    7. ludozz
      >50vl = ban

      If im right
    8. didjee2
      Yes, Violation level > 50 will become a ban.
      Jitter click MIGHT reach it, but if you do, then I have no idea how fast you can click.
      Macros will FOR SURE reach the 50 Violation Level, meaning it IS A HACK, we will not unban for Macros.
    9. XxSoulCreeperxX
      i have jitter clicked since i started minecraft and i am one of the best jitter clickers i know!! but I'm just saying it because on other servers i have got banned for jitter clicking
    10. XxSoulCreeperxX
      ok thanks dieter i will be a bit more careful when i'm jitter clicking (i won't do it as fast)
    11. OgAb
      I am a player who made this server
      romove ban plzzzz :( Name: Zinou17_YT
    12. bobthevillager
      Hi, Make banappeal here http://centrixpvp.eu/banappeal with your evidence!

      bobthevillager Gladiator / Active Member
    13. MystoganX
      Didjee it should be above 16 cps auto ban since only double buttons and auto clicking and butterfly clicking can only reach over 16 cps which 2 of them are banable on all servers.
    14. MystoganX
      Lmao I want to see a video with sound clicks while you pvp. Record yourself. Not all words mean anything if it doesn't have anything to back it up