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May 31, 2018
Its very sad to say this but its true.centrix is falling hard.Most of the minigames are buged and dead:
Kitpvp: 1->you get kicked at times while fighting a hacker for no reason
2->at times when u jump of the spawn u die
Proof :Attachment file(capture.PNG)
Survival: I do know that survival reset is coming very soon but still i wanted to comment this:
I built a a base in the sky a base looking like sky block but...next day when i joined,right in front of my base i saw a cobble stone base i tried breaking it but it was claimed by some one else and this made me lose my interest in survival.
Factions&eggwars: Factions is completely dead.Eggwars was one of the main attraction in centrix but due to the great decrease of staff interest in eggwars many people left the minigame cuz everyone wanted something new which we waited long..but never showed up..but when it did at last everyone left.