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Jul 15, 2017
Allowed Modifications

TL;DR - You are not allowed to use anything (hardware, software, clients modifications, ...) that gives you an unfair advantage over players playing with the default (vanilla) Minecraft client.

Modifications are a big part of the Minecraft experience for many of you, modifications can go from client optimizations to visual improvements and gameplay improvements. As there are so many modifications, there are obviously also some that are not allowed, in this thread we will try to explain what is allowed and what isn't.


Important to know

Using modifications on our network is at your own risk, even the examples we use in here might not be allowed by the time you read this. We cannot - and will not - review every update of every (popular) modification that exists, but as far as it complies to what we describe here, you should be fine.

Please also only install modifications from their official site (website or git(hub)). Unofficial downloads may contain disallowed modifications, or even malware such as a virus, spyware, ... .


General Information

What is generally allowed:
  • Modifications that improve performance
  • Resource packs (NOT X-RAY)
  • Brightness and Gamma modifications
  • HUD Modifications, these include, but are not limited to:
    • Armor status
    • Health indicators (as this is included by default in CentrixPVP anyways)
    • Effect Status
What is generally not allowed:
  • Hack / cheating clients and or mods are in no way, shape or form allowed, and these WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED.
  • HUD Modifications, these include, but are not limited to:
    • Minimap
    • Player distance / range
  • Anything that automates the any gameplay element of Minecraft, this includes (but is not limited to):
    • Auto clickers
    • Burst clickers (or (mouse) buttons)
    • Macros
    • Auto sprint
    • Aim assists
    • Fast clickers
    • ...
  • Anything else that provides you with an unfair advantage over players that use the normal (vanilla) Minecraft client.

You should never ever use a hack / cheating client / mod for brightness modifications, this WILL get you banned. Use a standalone mod for this.


What is allowed?

  • Green - Allowed modification
  • Gray - Generally allowed, but might contain unallowed modifications; THESE SHOULD NEVER BE ENABLED.

Armor & Effect Status:
Armor Status, Effect Status, 5Zig, LabyMod, ...

These modifications display the status of your armor and potion effects without you having to open your inventory to see it.
These modifications also often display stats such as server IP, your ping, online players, ... . These are allowed aswell.

Optimization Modifications:

Modifications which have the main goal of improving your FPS, without changing gameplay aspects.

Badlion Client, SquidHQ Client

There are very few clients we deem allowed. Using a client that is NOT LISTED in here could lead into a permanent ban from our network.
Hacked / cheating clients are in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM ALLOWED!

Recorders / Replay modifications:

The Replay Mod

These modifications are basically just recording your gameplay, therefore these are allowed.

Appearance Modifications
Shaders, Cape Mods, Better Animations Mod, Most resource packs, ...

Modifications that visually improve MineCraft are allowed, as long as they do not change the transparency of blocks (= making non-transparent blocks transparent, this is deemed as X-Ray and is bannable).


What if I want to use a mod that isn't listed?

If you want to use a modification that is not listed and it does not fully comply with the "Generally Allowed Modifications", it will be most likely a disallowed modification.

If you do think it's allowed, but you want to make sure it is, please contact a staff manager (preferably Moderator or higher), asking them if the modification is allowed (make it easy for them, and include a link to their official site :) ).


Additional notes

  • Using one of these disallowed modifications will result in a PERMANENT IPBAN.
  • Admitting to hacking will result in a permanent IPBan, even if it was a joke.
  • You are allowed to have disallowed modifications on your computer, however YOU SHOULD NEVER USE THEM ON OUR NETWORK, this will result in a permanent IPBan.
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