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Jul 14, 2017
YouTuber and Twitch Ranks/Requirements

This is a quick requirement policy for the YouTuber/Twitch rank.
You are not allowed to apply for these ranks if you have a ban past on CentrixPVP.

YouTuber requirements
  • At least 500+ subscribers
  • At least 75 views per video
  • You must have an active channel (at least 2/3 videos per week)
  • The CentrixPVP IP must be shown at some point in videos that relate CentrixPVP
  • Professionalism is a must, appropriate content as well
  • You must have uploaded 2 video's from CentrixPVP
Twitch requirements
  • You must have 450 or more followers
  • Active streamer (weekly streams)
  • The CentrixPVP IP must be in clear evidence in your streams
  • At least one stream on the server already performed
  • Keep an average of 15/20 or more stream viewers
  • Professionalism is a must, appropriate content as well
Benefits of the YouTuber / Twitch rank:
  • Hero permissions
  • You can broadcast new video's / streams in-game:
    • Normal YouTuber / Twitch rank:
      You can ask Owners, Managers & Admins to announce that you uploaded a new video / started a stream.
    • Verified YouTuber / Twitch rank:
      Once you've been with us for a while and you double the requirements above, you will be a verified YouTuber / Twitch streamer on our server. Then you can broadcast it without asking anyone to do it for you.

Your YouTuber / Twitch rank will be removed when you do not comply to these requirements for over 2 weeks in a row.
You could also lose your YouTuber rank if you break our rules.

Good luck!
- Centrix Staff-team
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