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UPDATE Explanation and huge updates are coming!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jooster11, Sep 26, 2017.

By Jooster11 on Sep 26, 2017 at 1:03 PM
  1. Jooster11

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    Jul 15, 2017
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    Hello everyone,

    It was a long time ago that I made a post here on the website, this has different reasons.
    A lot of players are quitting Centrix because it's dying, so simple is it.
    That is the reason why I am making this post, because it's not longer possible (in my opinion) to go thru with this.

    I am not going to lie for you, but it's true that we are removing almost our complete own coded system, CMS.
    This has different reasons and I am not saying that everything is wrong on this big core, but it has his good and bad points. We had a lot of argumente in the Dev team about this. I took my decision last week to do something about this, because if this is going thru, then we can say bye to everything.

    We are currently going back to public plugins, but a little bit with our own code. We will still keep the name CMS for our 'main system' (chat management, swear/advertising system and some more things).

    Why where there no/less updates?
    Simple, a lot of people in Centrix (Admin+) were inactive because of all this argumente which we had with each other. Plus our motivation was waving away because of this and the explanation above here. Of course we are working on updates for you, but CMS took a lot of time for @didjee2 because there were still 'issues' with it.

    Do I keep everything what I have (Ranks, perms, perks etc.)
    Stupid question, of course you keep everything!

    Planned updates
    We are currently finishing our 'new' system and we will implement that asap when it's done. We are still working on the SkyBlock and Prison reset, more information about this will be available soon.
    Our custom SkyWars plugin has almost reached the BETA phase, which means that it will be come out soon.

    To do list for now.
    - Removing CMS and implementing the new system everywhere in the network.
    - Finishing SkyBlock, Prison and SkyWars
    - Starting on Creative and Survival reset
    - Starting on the EggWars V3.0.1 code (better optimization and new features)
    - Starting on a new website design (this is looking like wikipedia)

    In my opinion we have waited to long for this, players have quit the server. This may never ever happen again.

    If you have any question, don't hesitate please and PM me with your questions or idea's!

    Centrix-Network Team, jooster11.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jooster11, Sep 26, 2017.

    1. smackkyy
      I hope these new updates will bring back the fun on this amazing server.
    2. X_Arlind_X
      What about buildbattle ? New minigames? BedWars ? They will added "soon" ?
    3. bobthevillager
      No way, Centrix policy is if have 1000+ players only in that time will add new games. That isn't from my mind ask @didjee2 for that
    4. smackkyy
      Centrix policy?! Accually what i think is that they should add a new trending game mode which will attract several people from different servers to join here and then the server can reach 1200+ people just for that specific game which will then make the server more famous and within the server people get attracted to explore different game modes and so on, This can bring a big change in centrix if it does so.
      Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
    5. smackkyy
      And this can also turn into a centrix suggestion
    6. bobthevillager
      Sorry for that but you just dreaming. I want see Centrix will become again the perfect server with new plans but Centrix in this time is only one moderate in level server because made wrongs and lost many of players. You think is good to CentrixPVP Owners dont care for the advertide the server ? I mean in facebook or Twitter you think is good to the Official Centrix Youtube channel dont have anything from 2017 ? and have from 2015. You think is good to Centrix add the old maps and dont add new and OP Maps ?(Lobby, Factions, Murder Spawn). You thinknis good to Youtubers with videos with hacking they made videos with Centrix and had hacks (Joul Survival)The image I see is tragic. You know that CentrixPVP have every day 700 players ? because had a good name. I saw different servers with better maps and have only 200 players. The game is over, I really don't know if Staff and Build Team have plans for the future but is time for upgrade with NEW games because the only good resets for 2017 in Centrix were Skywars, Eggwars and KiPVP in August
      Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
    7. CaravanMC
    8. CaravanMC
      After this probably will be the Skywars Update then Bedwars and the last will be BuildBattle as I heard from didjee :p the Bedwars will come before BuildBattle I think
    9. CaravanMC
      It is the time for new minigames
    10. bobthevillager
      Just i want say the TRUE i dont want challenge none because I love this server and i dont want have that image
    11. bobthevillager
      Wait wait new Bedwars when you hear that ?
    12. CaravanMC
      Uhh I don't remember it but it was when didjee on lobby he said SW BW BB
    13. GolemFighter
      how about console all over the server ? console to ban or to warn players if there is no staff member online ? how about that ? huh ? console it might help you guys but i dunno if dev knows about dat, also i just wanted to help cuz i'd really like and love this server this is where i start builder awesome and beautiful house and other buildings and this is where i learned being a friend with players, i dunt wanna make the server bad cuz i love it and like it so much and this is my main server this is where i started playin at oke ? i am being serious rn.......................................
      Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
    14. Beire
      my eyes
    15. DusanVasicCoa
      Hi, me is fan jooster11
    16. Ver_Elite
    17. smackkyy
      Dreaming .. hello ?!! This is how servers get to the top!
    18. smackkyy
      This might be a good idea since there are only 2 admins atm!.
    19. smackkyy
      Well said !!!