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Jul 15, 2017
Factions Release-min.png
Season 1 of factions is finally here. We have released Factions Custom Enchants. This is the biggest reset ever! Op-Factions will be released soon with even more and better things! Stay tuned!

The faction-heads/co-heads thank you for all the support that the community has given them and promise to continue to take feedback and ideas.

What's new?

  • Factions UUID: We are now using Factions UUID to bring you guys a better factions experience. New commands!
  • Custom Enchants: A totally new custom enchant plugin with new enchants.
  • Co-leaders: You can now have faction co-leaders
  • Kits: Kit are now much more balanced. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Once kits are now back! Donator kits now have a new and better look.
  • Spawner System: Rank up through 27 different spawner levels by selling heads! The spawner system is a fun and unique way to play factions while being able to use spawners that you thought you would never use!
  • Spawner Tier: Increase the tier of a spawner by using XP. The higher you level your spawner up the more mobs will drop!
  • Ally Max: You can only now have a max of 3 allies. This is to add more competition and pvp!
  • Truce: Factions truce has been removed.
  • Mcmmo: Mcmmo has been removed.
  • Economy Fixing: We have balanced the economy to make it much more fun. Shop prices are now fixed and balanced
  • Sell Wand: The sell wand is purchasable on the website. Right click a chest to sell the items within it. NOTE: You will not get the sellwand next reset and must repurchase it if you want it again. If you die with the sell-wand or lose the sell wand, you will NOT be refunded
  • F top Fixes: F top has now been fixed/balanced. Player balances are now worth 0 f top to ensure economy flow
  • /Rename: Rename has been re added.
  • Buyable Fly: You will be able to buy fly temporary with in game money.
  • Koth: Koth rewards are buffed. Koth keys have been added. We will be adding more koth times to allow players to have fair chances. Everyone in the faction within the cap will receive a key (if win)
  • Stackable buckets: Now able to stack water and lava buckets!
  • Boosters: Purchase Factions booster on the website. We will have xp and mob drop boosters! Everyone in the faction will receive the booster (NOT GLOBAL)
  • World Changes: Warp end are now super flat worlds so bigger bases are easier to make and you can now build above warp nether!
  • Overworld Raiding: Withers are removed in the overworld. Regens can not be made in the overworld also because they are challenging to raid without withers.
  • Kitty Cannon: Kittycannon has been removed due to it being able to break obsidian
  • /Clear & /Kit in Combat: Now you can not clear your inventory or use kit when in combat
  • /Trade: can now trade items with other players using /trade!
  • Pv Nerf: player vaults are nerfed so that players are forced to make bases and store valuables.
  • Wall Gen buckets: Generate walls instantly by using wall gen buckets! Earned through crates which are purchasable on website
  • Custom Enchants: New custom enchants are added. Much more balanced
  • Cannot craft: The following items can not be crafted: hopper, shulker, melonseed and pumpkinseed
  • Blocked Enchants: Mending and Frost Walker has been remove.
  • Sponge: Sponge has been changed to 1.8 version.
  • Potions: When drinking potions, the glass bottle will automatically disappear
  • Gkits: You all wanted it and now its here!!!!! Purchase gkits on our website. New gkits and limited time gkits will be added occasionally.
  • /kitpreview: preview kits
  • Kit Gui: Kits are organised in a gui!
  • World Border: Visible, clear world border on all 3 worlds.
  • F top Reward: There will be a reward for the top faction (reward will be announced soon)
  • Seasonal Crate Key: Seasonal crate keys will consist of many items that are very op. Purchase keys on the website.
  • Spawner Spawning Radius: Spawners will spawn mobs when players are within 50 block radius so having unclaimed bases will be more challenging.
  • /Shop: shop gui added. Buy and sell wherever you go!
  • Lottery: lottery will be replacing coin flips.
  • Events: Introducing new and fun events! Some events planned: The ever popular staff vs community, faction wars player elimination, 1v1s, tag team fights, raid events, and much more.
  • God Apples: We are making it much harder to earn god apples. We are encouraging more potpvp with the custom enchants. You can earn god apples ONLY from crates or kit legendary
  • Faction Wars: Go up against rival factions by competing in faction wars! You can use our provided kits or your own items. People are also able to spectate faction wars going on.
  • Money Pouch: earn from crates. Earn a various amount of money!
  • Crates & Envoy: Crates & Envoys have been a lot more buffed and more useful to players! Crate keys are much harder to earn however, are very good. Envoys are now every six hours however, voting and getting the vote part makes envoys start faster.
  • Vote: You can currently claim voting keys or factions power boost. Claiming a voting keys will give you a enchanted god apple as well.
  • Jelly legs: Purchase jelly legs perk on the website or earn the perk from a monthly key!
  • Raiding: Continuing to fix and improve raiding one our faction servers!
  • /nightvision: Toggleable night vision command can be purchase cn the website!
  • /item: [item] or /item has been added. Shows item and custom enchants. All donators have this perk
  • Buycraft: Check bucraft to see other items/perks there
  • Block Tracker: Drag n drop on a pickaxe tracks the blocks you have mine.
  • Kill Tracker: Drag n drop on a weapon tracks player kill you have gain.
  • TNT Fill: Fill tnt in dispensers! Purchasable on website or obtainable in monthly crates
  • Factions Warp: You can now create up to 3 warps with password!
  • Alchemist: Combie 2 combine books/dust into 1 higher tier.
  • F Perm: Added A GUI

    Note: some things listed are not added at the moment and will be added in future updates.
Have a great day!

Please report all bugs and glitches :D
Faction heads: michael244, Sywo
CentrixPVP Owners
Build Team
The Staff team
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Jul 30, 2017
I can't play, someone stole my MystoganX premium IGN. :/ And I can't donate on this server to transfer rank. So RIP