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Jul 29, 2017
Well,again I ain't gonna talk alot,imma just say that :
1-Make the borders in faction lookable and put barrier blocks maybe,i think it would be great.
2-Maybe make bedrock sellable,but in really high costs and make it have more chance to drop in crates.
3-I'd love to see the Faction Name next to our names,like name tags.
4-I think you should make more Inquisitive CE lvls,like max lvl8.
5-If I could suggest more CE's,I got a few ideas like:
Phoenix - Armor - It can heal low HP allies,faction members and truces around you,give them a strength and speed buff too.MAX lvl 4 (lvl 1 streng1 speed 2 last shorter lvl2 same but longer lvl3 streng2 and speed2 but shorter and lvl4 same like lvl3 but longer)
Cyclops - Axe - gives you blindness while attacking but strength and haste too. Max lvl 3 (lvl1 blindess.strength1 haste 1 ,lvl2 same like lvl2 but strength 2 and haste 2,lvl 3 streng 3 and haste 2)

I think that ce will work out somehow.Thanks for minding this ^^
Not open for further replies.