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Apr 22, 2018
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Creative Head: HowlerMC​

Creative is a game mode where players are able to access all blocks from versions 1.8 - 1.12 and build to their hearts desires. We encourage you to build and show your progress or finished builds in the Creative Thread. If you wish to go above and beyond you can apply to be a builder here on Centrix.
You can apply right here.​

Basic Rules
Hack clients
are not allowed!
Griefing is not allowed.
Lag machines are bannable.
Inappropriate builds are not allowed.
Illegal items are not allowed.
Have fun!

Rule Details
Creative is all about building and showing off what you got to show! Although there is rules to follow.
Here is a more detailed list of some specific rules:​

Inappropriate builds such as penises or other phallic/vulgar objects will lead to a 3 month tempban.
Lag machines on plots will be an instant ip-ban as they are not allowed due to their purpose.
Griefing another player's plot will lead to a tempban based on damage caused.​

Basic Commands
Here is a list of all the commands you can use in creative and what they do:​

- /plot home [#] or /p h [#]
This will teleport you to your home.
- /plot trust [player]
This adds and trusts a player on your plot. This means they can build and edit your plot while you are offline.
- /plot add [player]
This adds a player your plot but they will only be able to build while you are online.
- /plot remove [player]
This will remove a persons building permissions on your plot.
- /plot deny [player]
If a player won't stop bothering you in your plot, you can deny them from coming in your plot.
- /plot delete
This will completely remove you from a plot you own allowing it to be open for anyone to claim.
- /plot merge
This will merge your plot with another plot tat you are looking at, assuming you own said plot.
- /plot auto
This will automatically give you a new unclaimed plot to work on!
- /plot clear
This will clear your plot of any builds you have on it. You will need to confirm this action with /plot confirm.​

WorldEdit can only be used by donators with Titan+ at the moment.
WorldEdit is also limited to players and only have access to a few commands as in:
Titan: Replace/Set/Paste/Rotate/Undo/Redo/Center/Move
Glad+: The above plus Pyramid/Walls

Have fun building!
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