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Jul 16, 2017


Hey There!

Want to know more about Survival and the Forums Section for it?
You have came to the right place!
In this post, you can find a brief introduction on the gamemode and helpful tips that might help you in game or on the forums!


Welcome to Survival! In this gamemode, you will be challenged to survive on your own, fight monsters, earn some cash, make farms and be the best out of everyone!

Players will be given claimblocks and will need to earn them after, use these claimblocks to protect your builds and show off your talents!

Basic Commands
/warps - Use this Command to find out the different warps and get to places easier!

/ah help - Use this command to find out how to use the different commands for Auction House! Eg. To Sell Items, /ah sell [Price] [Amount of Item] when holding the item in your hand!

/sethome - Use this Command to set where you are standing as home and get back to it later using /home!

/spawn - Use this Command to get back to Spawn!

/kits - to find out the different warps and get to places easier!

/msg [Player] - Use this command to message any online players and have a chat with them!

In this Forums Section, you can create a posts and discuss anything that relates to the topic; Survival! Whether it’s showing what you have done in the server or even what you think and feel about this gamemode!

Please remember to show respect in other players post and NEVER posts anything that is not related to the topic or is offensive as the post will either be taken down or closed and locked by any of our Staff Members!

If you have any questions regarding the Gamemode, do feel free to leave me or any other staff a message! Good Luck and Have Fun!
Not open for further replies.