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Hello everyone from Centrix!

Here is a more detailed message about what you can expect in our new KitPvP season. For this reset, we have fixed, removed, and added a lot of new features!
This season is mainly focused on being a grindy KitPvP and a friendly season. This means that members also can PvP against donators!
We will be having new updates throughout this season as well.

Change Logs

  • New maps with lots of different themes
  • Added ender pearls
  • Added Sumo, Spleef, and UHC
  • Adjusted and changed Duel kits
  • Changed explanation on the use of /duel
Auction House
  • Updated to a better version of our Auction House
  • Changed explanation on the use of /ah help
  • Easier to read and more simplistic
  • Changed the number of items you can auction at once on /ah
    • Member = 2 items
    • Phantom = 4 items
    • Vanguard = 5 items
    • Titan = 6 items
    • Gladiator = 7 items
    • Hero = 8 items
    • Demonic = 9 items
    • Legendary = 10 items
  • Removed Supreme Crate & Minotaur Crate
  • Added 2 new crates called PvP Crate & Level Crate
  • Changed items within each crate
  • Added Collection Items
  • Added obtainable commands (/l /gg /checkmark)
  • Rebalanced chances
  • Added new commands, made by our developer IceBlizzard__
/kitinfo - Opens a book with information regarding KitPvP
/stats - Opens a GUI which shows your statistics
/statsview - Gives you the ability to see statistics of other players
/topkills - Shows the top 5 players with the most kills
/toplevels - Shows the top 5 players with the highest level
These are only a few of all our commands!
  • Added holograms with top kills, top levels and top killstreaks
  • Updated /duel top <wins/losses>
  • Updated /duel stats
    NEW! Added Level Keys that you obtain every 15 levels. You can collect/view these keys by doing /keypack info & /keypack collect and use them at the Level Crate.
Item Drops
  • Removed Envoy
  • Added Loot Drops that happen every 20 minutes
  • Increased prizes in the loot drops. The prizes might change during the season as well.
  • Changed and refreshed the GUI for /kit & /kits
  • Rebalanced kits
  • There are 5 kits for everyone!
  • There are 7 donators kits for donators!
  • We might add obtainable kits through leveling
  • Added a GUI for /warp(s)
  • Added a new warp FPS
  • Removed getting Vaults through leveling
  • We have given everyone a specific number of Vaults based on their rank!
  • Member = 1 vault
  • Phantom & Vanguard = 2 vaults
  • Titan & Gladiator = 3 vaults
  • Hero & Demonic = 4 vaults
  • Legendary = 5 vaults
Additional information/changes
  • Removed Anvils
  • Removed Gangs
  • Disabled hunger based on our community poll
  • Removed Strength II Potions
  • Strength Potions are obtainable through crates
  • Changed enchanting system from enchanting tables to signs
  • Made it easier to escape The Pit!
  • Added a Guess the Word plugin
  • Removed the Hacker Cage
  • Changed the repair costs to $5000
  • Improved our AntiCheat
  • Aesthetics changes! We have worked on a lot of messages, scoreboards, and holograms to be more understandable and read more easily.

Statch & Shotz_Master
KitPvP Heads
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