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Jan 4, 2018
Hello! since my last thread: a new prison suggestion, i never knew i will get that much support! before this post starts i just want to say to everybody thank you all for the support on my last thread, anyways here is the suggestion: I dont know why but this suggestion is kind of random, i do not know if there is any plugins that will help this suggestion but this suggestion is all bout just music in the lobby ;), i enjoy all the gamemodes centrixpvp have but the only thing that im not interested is the lobby, the lobby tooks beautiful itsself, but there is not anything added to the sound background, listen to the lobby, and u find there is no sounds rather than foot steps :confused: , so to the additional sound i will suggest for the lobby, i will like to suggest notebox music in the sound background of the lobby, this suggestion might not be true but i will like to know ur thoughts on this suggestion :D.