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Aug 25, 2020
Hello, i was today playing on the server around 4:50 PM GMT-5, with my full diamond set, tools, and other stuff (I dont have a screenshot because i never expected to loose my entire inventory due to a random error), and then i decided, to go to the end, so i researched a bit, and i had to use /warp end, to go there, so i use the warp, my minecraft client starts loading the end, it takes some minutes, then, i finally spawn, and i saw the worst that could happen, i spanwed on the void, in panic i tried to use /home, couldnt do it on time, and died, lost my entire inventory, i dont have footage of the incident (i dont have a recording software on my laptop, i can barely run mc with 45 fps and centrixlags and with a recording software it couldnt even work), but your logs should give you enough information, my equipment was around 400k cost to me and this really makes me sad, because i spend a lot of time to get those pieces of equipment to loose it on seconds because of a bug.

I hope theres solution to this problem.