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UPDATE Montly update post - March!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jooster11, Mar 3, 2018.

By Jooster11 on Mar 3, 2018 at 6:48 PM
  1. Jooster11

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    Jul 15, 2017
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    Hello everyone,

    Here the update post for today, gg with reading!

    - Updated stats scoreboard
    - Added a new scoreboard which is changing from topkills to regular stats
    - New map
    - New kits
    - Optimized crates, envoys, voteparties and vote-rewards
    More suggestions? Leave them under this topic or post them at the suggestions forums and tag me please!

    Top Voters
    The first month has just been ended and the first 3 top voters from the month February will recieve a prize as reward! You can also win a price, it's very simple. Just vote everyday on every site and try to end as high possible in the top voters list of the month. We will announce at every start of the new month the top 3 top voters here on the announcement page!
    Here the list of the topvoters month February!
    - #1 - Edk (251 votes) $50 Coupon for store.centrixpvp.eu
    - #2 - Ziwing (193 votes) $25 Coupon for store.centrixpvp.eu
    - #3 - RedDreams (175 votes) $10 Coupon for store.centrixpvp.eu
    Special thanks to @kranendonk . She is the topvoter #3 of Centrix, but she is staff and will get something else in return! The new month for topvoters has been begun already since 1 March! The new winners will be announced at the 1st day of the new month!

    - Added Terracote block
    - Added Lilypads
    - Added Red Sand
    - Added Purple Block
    - Added Ghast Spawner
    - Added Parrot Spawner
    - Added Llama Spawner
    - Removed Skeleton Horse Spawner
    - Removed Spider Spawner
    - EDITED a FEW prices of the shop

    -Added Carrot
    -Added Wheat
    -Added Pumpkin
    -Added Arrow
    -Added Rotten Flesh
    -Added Spider Eye
    -Added Cooked Mutton
    -Added Cooked Rabbit

    We are currently working on adding the plugin called 'SellWand' to almost every free-build server (Factions, SkyBlock and Survival). This feature will be released soon!

    We are currently working on a big BuildBattle update which will add team modes aswell in the future, this is just a little sneakpeak of the huge update.

    The BedWars FULL release will be launched this week! Including bunch of new statistics, new items and many more things. Available this week! (Our planning is to launch it this week, we have tested almost everything so we have planned to do it this week!)

    Other updates
    - Updated general plugins around the network
    - Updated vote extension
    - Fixed little bugs and issues
    - Didjee has a new screen for his computer
    - Still didn't make a todo list for SkyWars

    We hope that you will enjoy the new updates around the network!
    Any suggestions, issues which need to be reported or something else, create a post then!
    - CentrixPVP Administrator team
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jooster11, Mar 3, 2018.

    1. StormGoDz
      How is it posible to vote 251 times?
    2. CaravanMC
      28x7=196 vote point if you vote continuously till the end of the month. It is possible to get 251 probably more because there's some vote link that you can vote 2 times a day and also there's even a vote link that you can vote every time you changed your ip in the same ign. + He must be a no lifer
    3. Beire
      better be a well-deserved admin rank
    4. Corsaje
      WTF the use of vpn is allowed? -_-
    5. Sywo
      That is not allowed
    6. Edk
      @Corsaje There is a site I can vote twice a day and you can save up and have more votes than you can here. And Stop "Prejudice". Maybe one more month later you will be 1st #votetop and all message u "Hack-Prejudice-or..."Empathize some.."
    7. StormGoDz
      Who said that you hack?
    8. Corsaje
      I did not say that edk would use a hack, only that 251 votes is not something very easy to get And seeing that the number two had 193
    9. Edk
      Well, Then im misunderstanding
    10. CaravanMC
      Just one word "NoLife"
    11. Mineivan13
      Hola solo quería decirles que me desbaneen de su server , no entiendo la razón de mi bando ya que a todos los demás no les hacen nada, no tienen motivo alguno que me agan un premanentban ya todos tienen oportunidades.
      Tambien les voy a decir que me banearon por un año

      Cuenta bandada : mineivan
      Cuenta oficial Mineivan13
    12. Corsaje
      Hola Mineivan13, pero acá no es el lugar correcto para hacer una apelación, si crees que no debiste ser prohibido en este servidor podrás apelar en el siguiente enlace:

      Last edited by a moderator: Mar 6, 2018
    13. keay
      What site is it?
    14. Edk
      ServerPact [6] Hour "2" Vote Key
      [6] Hour "2" Vote Key
      [8] Hour "2" Vote Key

      And Tell ur friends /vote you , enjoy! :)
      Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
    15. keay
    16. MystoganX
      Yeah jooster11, you should fix that vote thingy where they can vote twice as it is a disadvantage for others that dont know anything about it. You should either add the links that haven't been supplied or remove them so players can't vote there.