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Jul 16, 2017
Okay..... i've been getting alot of hate lately and i dont like it :(

for the past few weeks I've been getting alot of messages and PM's to stop Post Farming
and i cant help it No! i'm not doing it to increase my message count
i wouldn't even mind if jooster or someone came and set my message count back to 0 i
wouldn't even mind a bit! but the thing here is,,,,,,,,,,,,

im kinda annoying and yes everyone knows that when i first came in this fourm... it was like
i had never ever had taken part in a fourm page ever in my life..... i made a few posts and i dident
know making some false posts would be THAT big of a deal i just thought its just like a messaging syestem
you just start Convos and just start chatting just like a normal chatting page!
i dident know what would be considered post farming and chatting
no dont give me that look of "really?" no CentrixPvP..eu was my first ever fourm page i ever visited and
i wasent the know-it-all person

i've constantly getting accused

A few examples of the above is that

1: Babyman told me why am i making extra posts for a render if i myself wrote "to avoid post farming"
well.....obviosly a render takes alot of time and work so i need to have 100% proof that the person who
asked the render is the actaul person and not some random dude that just kept someone's username

2: ProdigyHD.......... im not gonna talk about him

3:there are alot but im not gonna be a snitch

So..... what will i do? well........ i am gonna leave Centrix..........for a few days
YES i know it will be more intense if i leave for a few months or even 2 years but
are you crazy? how will i leave centrix? maybe ill secretly open the server but not the fourms....
or how about: ill leave the fourm for 5 days but the server for less then 5 days =D

Im gonna come back... change my profile picture and all info and im gonna act like a new person
im not gonna Be Pixuk im gonna be PixUk!

when im gonna come im gonna make a introduction that im new to this server and whatnot

i want you guys to please forget everything you know about me
ONLY THE BAD MEMEORIES ( hopefully not the good ones ) ( if you have any )

Im not gonna reply to this thread and maybe noting related to this topic

Im gonna be tottaly different
But no im not gonna make a another account? why? well
i' like to have my Joined very early

NO im not gonna stop my eggwars team its still gonna be running but ill be inactive
im also gonna be inactive in my discord maybe somtimes ill talk to non-centrix people

i want you guys to think i sacrificed my life ( real life ) for this server think that someone was
gonna shoot jooster11 but i came in the way and i got shot instead and jooster picked up a chair
and killed the shooter

i want you guys to think i sacrificed myself for centrix yes i know its kinda extreme but please think this
think that then a new innocent member comes ( me )

and yes Zerathon... i've given ALOT of suggestions which were soon added to centrix its just that
it was the old fourm page if you bothered to ever ask

I'd like to thank the following people who made my fourm and centrix experience good

Kawithomas: For being a fair and trustworthy staff memeber which gave me help when i needed it
------------------and being my friend back in the day

FizzyCola: Just a friend......bye! :(

theBeastCB: i dunno if he is still here but he was the best staff i had ever seen

Beire: Helping me with questions before he became crazy and hacked skyblock

ItzStef: Who introduced me to building in centrix and all these builder ranks and communities

And Several other staff and friends i dident mention including didjee2 and luduz

All i want from you is forgiveness please i know i was annoying and stuff but i hope you can put it of top of you

plus when i come back ill start posting slow since you all accuse me of post-farming :(




Ex-Mod | Head Tomato | #Neverforget
Jul 15, 2017
Well, I see your point as you say it that you were new and such everyone makes mistakes you shouldn’t really go to a far as for not playing for what happpened but again it’s your decision and if that’s what you want I respect it. See you later I guess.


KitPvP Head
Jul 15, 2017
You can post as much as you want. As long as the posts are not useless and they have a point. Ignore whoever complains to you. (Except the staff) Do not spam too much posts, just keep your posting in an acceptable rate, we want more active people on forums like you :)
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