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UPDATE Murder Mystery Revamp + other updates

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jooster11, Jan 3, 2018.

By Jooster11 on Jan 3, 2018 at 11:29 PM
  1. Jooster11

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    Jul 15, 2017
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    Hello everyone!

    First of all, I want to wish you all the best for 2018! In this year we will hopefully come back like the old Centrix (that's were we working on of course!)

    Murder Mystery
    The Murder Mystery is finally out, but what does it contains?
    - New lobby
    - A lot of fixed bugs
    - Added hardcore mode
    - Removed Library

    NEW! Hardcore mode; this is an extra hard mode of Murder Mystery. You are playing this game with 3 murderers, 2 detectives and 11 innocents! Also we have just the classic mode, with 1 murderer, 1 detective and 14 innocents.
    We removed the map Library because we want that you guys are only playing on Centrix-made maps.
    The builders are at the moment very busy. We hope to add new maps soon to Murder Mystery.

    BedWars (BETA!)
    We launched BedWars at the end of 2017. This is a nice minigame and a lot of people like it. We are currently using an Open plugin (from internet simply said) with some little changes made by our devs.
    This plugin is simply said, bad and laggy. @didjee2 is currently working on a own version of BedWars.
    Still got idea's or suggestions, post it on the forums then! :p

    This was it, thanks for reading!
    - CentrixPVP-Management team
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jooster11, Jan 3, 2018.

    1. shado3
      good job jooster :D one last thing why people r so happy when all there work on skyblocks is resetted and why did u removed my favorite gingercatman skin on /skin
      - gingercatA
    2. Sywo
      What do you mean by "removed" the skin changed or?
    3. shado3
      once i did /skin gingercatman and it said premium player with that name does not exist, in the old times that skin still exist, i can tell that gingercatman was not removed from the mc world cuz u can still find him on minecraftskins.com i cant hange my skin cuz i have cracked minecraft, i can only change my skin with /skin
    4. shado3
      tell jooster11 im not trying to argue with him, im just trying to have a calm convisation
    5. didjee2
      Maybe that player did a name change?
    6. CaravanMC

    7. NoodleManGaming
      i wanna change a password but i cant it doesnt let me change it pls email me
    8. Khiss
      try ./server cps in game
    9. PalomaAPratt
      Oh... That was my favorite map, I loved it. If you'll never put it back to the menu, may I ask for a link to get it for myself? Please :(
    10. PalomaAPratt
      I just realized that the map belongs to Hypixel... So, what I want is impossible, isn't it?