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Jul 16, 2017
Hello everyone,

Due to recent events server getting grief, we do wish to apologize for having to reset factions, as we thought it would be helpful to everyone and could start a new with some new changes made along with this. We hope you understand and enjoy this reset once again.

Faction Top Rewards
1st: 200$ Buycraft voucher
2nd: 100$ Buycraft voucher
3rd: 50$ Buycraft voucher

Grace Period
There will be a 1 week grace period when reset goes live.
That includes:
-Fly will be disabled for the first day
-Raiding disabled
-Fighting is allowed
GKits and Koth will be enabled after grace period.

-Faction top winner can't be an alt factions
-You're not allowed to claim next to another faction's claim to assist them (You're allowed to claim next to their factions if you're raiding them)
Example: You use "Factions A" to claim your base and "Factions B" to claim your outside walls that's not allowed​
If this is seen, there will be consequences:​
1st time: Extra claims will be unclaimed​
2nd time: Disband Faction​
-Printer will not be allowed
While being raided, you're not allowed to use printer since it would be unfair to the players raiding you if you could print in a defense.​
If this is seen, there will be consequences:​
1st time: Temp-ban 1 week​
2nd time: Temp-ban 3 months​
3rd time: Permanent ban​
-World download will be allowed
You're only allowed to world download faction's base any attempt to world download spawn etc will result in a permanent ban.​

Updates / Changes
- New Faction Top
- Remade Custom Enchant & 20+ new CE
- Improved Gkits and added Tank Gkits
- Improved Mystery Dust has a higher success chance
- Jobs plugin has been added
- Improved lottery reward
- Iron Golem, Vilcentrixlagers and Creepers don't stack
- Gapple cool down lower to 60 seconds
- Blocked sethome in neutral & enemy territory
- Warp BlackMarket has been added
- Blacklisted tripwire hook in /rename
- Increased players power to 15
- Logging out in neutral/enemy territory will teleport you back to spawn
- Water doesn't destroy redstone anymore
- CombatTag doesn't instant kill you if logged out/disconnect (Spawn a vilcentrixlager last 60 second instead)
- XP Bottles added to shop

We hope that you will enjoy the new updates around the network!
Any suggestions, issues which need to be reported or something else, create a post then!
- CentrixPVP Administrator team


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